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Spiked Lug Nuts for Off-Road Vehicles and Custom Trucks

V&V Concepts is proud to offer this original Spiked Lug Nut design Made 100% in the United States.  Unlike competitor Spiked Lug Nuts, V&V Concepts' Lug Nuts are not made of Plastic components.  This unique design is offered for a great variety of rim sizes and vehicles but is intended for the more extreme customized Off-Road Vehicles and Custom Trucks.

These Spiked Lug Nuts are designed to be very stylish yet rugged.  They are a great addition to any Truck Customization regardless of style and type.  The design fits with anything you decide to add to your vehicles. These Spiked Lug Nuts will blend in to make it the look you are looking for.

Not only are these Spiked Lug Nuts designed to incorporate functionality with style, they also come in the most elegant colors.  These Spiked Lug Nuts have been designed with an Extreme Modification Mindset.  Careful Craftsmanship has been employed to  ensure the result is a high quality product.